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What are the characteristics of simple style website design?

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With the development trend of website construction in recent years, simple style website design is more and more favored by people。Many enterprises are aware of this trend, so in the design of the enterprise website also gradually adopt a simple style, simple and atmospheric website design style has become the mainstream, users like to browse the style of simple websites, enterprises need to start from the user's aesthetic site design。So what are the characteristics of simple style website design?

First, the website loads faster

Clean designs tend to produce smaller files, and smaller files load faster。Also, if you keep your code simple and lean, you're less likely to call multiple stylesheets, or a lot of JavaScript files, or anything else that increases the number of HTTP requests to your site。

Second, the website white art

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Website white art is also a method of website design, according to the promotion of a large number of colors and design styles, maintain the proportion of white art, and enhance the pleasure of all design schemes。

Three, there is no redundant useless information to pave the way

Websites can't be overlaid,This means that the site will have relatively few pages and columns,The design elements are clean and orderly,The site should have a certain amount of white space,Through the collision of tones and elements,Keep the white space ratio,Add a sense of fulfillment to your overall website design,So when the user is browsing the website,Elements surrounded by white space cause visual impact,Instead of squirming。

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