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The cause and solution of the unstable website ranking and the prevention of the problem of the downgrade caused by the revision of the website

Published time: 2019-02-22 15:18Author: Qinghai Enterprise Network Technology Co., LTDSource: Qinghai website promotion网址:

Qinghai enterprise Network Technology Co., Ltd. shares the reasons and solutions for the instability of website rankings and the prevention of the problem of the downgrade caused by the revision of the website:

First, the cause and solution of unstable website ranking

Many businesses want their websites to rank well,For enterprises,Higher ranking is a sign of optimization success,However, there is too much competition in the seo market,As a result, the competition between different industries is also extremely fierce,We probably all know about keyword rankings, too,Website if the foundation is unstable,It is likely to lead to fluctuations in website rankings,There's a lot of volatility in the beginning,instability,A lot of Seoers wouldn't understand,Why does this happen,There is no overoptimization,So what causes this to happen?How can corporate websites deal with fluctuating rankings?SEOXining website constructionLet me give you a brief explanation。

First of all, we need to understand why keywords fluctuate frequently:

● Baidu algorithm adjustment

Baidu's algorithms are adjusted every once in a while,If you don't have the right strategy for optimizing your website over a period of time,That site ranking fluctuates frequently,It's quite possible that Baidu's algorithms are tweaking,For the search algorithm,Updates are made almost every day within Baidu,Especially major reforms,For example: Bear Paw number online traffic tilt。Therefore, we need to prevent the impact of Baidu algorithm, we need to lay the foundation of the website itself in the early stage, and the foundation will be solid。

● Structural problems in the station

When the internal structure of the website changes, such as the loss of internal links, the generation of dead links, pseudo-static changes and dynamics, it will also affect the ranking of the website。If your website has been revised, the program has been re-developed with new functions, and the URL address has changed, it will seriously affect the internal structure of the website identification, resulting in a decline in ranking。Therefore, we do not do revision under certain circumstances, and if we really want to change it, we should change it a little bit, and do not make frequent changes。

● Competitors

No matter what industry, will face the attack launched by competitors, when the other party has enough budget, and after in-depth research for your website, he will be with you slightly weaker keywords, resulting in your website traffic cliff drop。Some will use excessive methods to combat the website, although the Baidu algorithm can currently be a good way to identify some pit opponents, but the thief, always the thief in the first, the use of garbage outside the chain to harm the opponent's strategy, may also put your website to hang horse and so on。

Solutions to website ranking instability:

For the unstable ranking of such websites, how do we solve it?First of all, we need to keep a normal mind and always pay attention to the algorithm dynamics。With the help of tools to constantly analyze competitors, seize each other's long-tail keyword traffic。If the website needs to be revised, the URL changes, pay attention to do 301 redirects。At the same time, we need to enhance the security of the website to reduce the probability of being hacked。At the same time, we need to pay attention to the simplification of the content and create a stable high-quality external chain。

These are some of the reasons for keyword ranking fluctuations that we need to pay attention to,But there are many other reasons to design keyword rankings,Such as the foundation of the website itself,It was not planned and positioned well during construction,The situation that causes the subject to drift occurs,So we want to get a good ranking need to constantly analyze the website,诊断,Then analyze user needs with big data ,Dig for more long tail words,Stimulate the user's desire,So we need to pay a lot of attention when choosing words。Lay a solid foundation for good rankings。

Xining website construction

Second, to prevent the website due to the revision of the problem of reducing rights

In the process of website operation, many times it will inevitably be revised, as long as the revision, the traffic of the website will be affected, and the serious will be reduced by Baidu, the proper use of seo technology to revise the website can minimize the loss of website data caused by the website revision。

Some webmasters with less access to seo technology, in the revision of the website, very rough, such as the whole station to produce a large number of dead links, in this case, the results of the hard operation of the website will be infringed, and can not be restored in a short time。In fact, to determine the website needs to be revised, to integrate some seo technology, there must be certain principles, so that even if the revision, the data of the website can be protected to a greater degree。

Website revision, what are the simple seo techniques?

● Use Baidu search resource platform revision tool to notify search engines of website revision information。

● Generate as few 404 pages as possible。

● The url before the revision must correspond to the url after the revision through 301。

● Even if it is only a front-end revision, because the keyword word frequency and location have changed, it will cause a loss of website traffic, pay attention to the keyword location and word frequency after the revision。

The above is part of the seo technology that needs to be used in the website revision, and the following are more detailed instructions。

Website revision to reduce the right

● Select the website you want to change。

When we usually do SEO, the website revision has always been a problem plaguing SEOer and webmasters, because the revision can easily lead to the website being downgraded, and the main points may be K, which also means that the optimization and efforts made before the website are wasted, and then we must increase efforts and investment to restore the website。

Of course, website revision is not without a little benefit, in our website SEO bottleneck, website revision can indeed become a shortcut to improve SEO effect, but here should be noted, only a small revision, this seo tutorial self-study network is deeply experienced。

Since I'm talking about a complete website redesign,Then it is necessary to delete all the original programs in the space,And from the SEO point of view such a website revision is tantamount to suicide,And seo tutorial self-study network in order to achieve website revision does not have a negative impact on SEO degree,Resolutely will hand a long time did not take care of the enterprise product website to do the experiment。

Although this station has not been managed for a long time, but this site in the search engine performance is good, at least more than half a year has not been updated, although included from the previous hundreds of pages reduced to more than 20 pages before the revision, but the snapshot is almost every other day, as to why the snapshot can be normally updated?Mainly because Baidu's recognition of website types has improved, it is also said that some websites do not need to update often and can still maintain a good search engine friendliness, such as product display stations。

● All website revisions as far as possible before Baidu update。

Have done SEO webmaster should have done such a thing, it is in Baidu update a few days ago to do the external chain, change the link, in order to catch up with the big update to increase the external chain。

The same is true of my website revision this time, on the eve of Baidu's update, I will remove all the old station procedures and replace them with new stations。The first is a completely new redesign of the website,Repurposed sites for other content,Previously, it has been rumored that a major revision of the website can easily lead to the website being demoted or even K,I simply removed all the original programs from the website,Put in a new program,And the content has completely changed,It's basically a new station,Nor have I found a good summary of this approach,seo tutorial self-study network called "domain name redo station"。And after such a toss, there was no accident, and the new station home page snapshot was updated the next day。

● Changes to be made synchronously during the website revision process

There are many friends in the website, because there is no seo positioning for the website in advance, after a period of time in the website revision line, I feel that the website has a lot of shortcomings, so I want to modify the title and structure again, the result of the website was immediately downgraded, so, what should we do in the process of revision?

(1)Change the title at once

When trying to change the title of the website,Please decide on your new title first,I suggest you wait until you think about it,If you change the title,Tomorrow I think the title isn't good enough,retitle,Such frequent modification,Very bad for website development,注意,Please revise the title at once,At least let Baidu think you're not playing with it。

(2)Keep the connection to the old website

When revising the website, do a good job of interconnecting the new and old versions of the website, before the release of the new website, the old version of the website should be retained for a period of time, and the old version of the website data should be retained。

(3)Keep well-ranked pages

Do not arbitrarily change the search engine ranking better page, do not change the original URL of the site, otherwise, the search engine has included the page may all fail, the results can be imagined。

(4)Define the website structure

If the original website performs well in the search engines, do not arbitrarily change the website structure。If the performance is not good before the search engine, you should consider all the website structure, directly set the website structure (especially some large e-commerce websites, do not understand the blog friends can see the seo tutorial self-study network "e-commerce website SEO five strategies" related introduction)。

(5)Submit the sitemap immediately after the update

In the process of website revision, we should try to use SEO technology, strive for the search engine to include the information of the new website as soon as possible after the revision, submit the site map after the update, and do some high-quality external links, which is a certain work。

(6)Make the 404 page of the website in advance

For some large websites, no matter how careful, major revisions often do not ensure that all urls are estimated, and then a proper 404 page becomes important。Correctly set the 404 page, the search engine will automatically remove the non-existent page from the database, but it will take a while。

● After the new program goes online, you may wish to do some external chains and original articles

After making changes to the site, keep adding backlinks to other related sites。This can lead the spider to your website, increase the frequency of the spider to visit your website, so that the search engine will update your website in a short time。

After the new program is launched, it is the same as the new station, and it begins to do the external chain, exchange links, in order to make the search spider better crawl the new program, so as to update smoothly, like the new station just launched when the external chain can make the search engine included as soon as possible。

Then updated a few original articles, the reason why the original is to allow the new article to be included as soon as possible, if it is reproduced other articles, then it may lead to content factors and lead to the site can not be updated to the search engine。

During the website update, seo Xiaobian suggests that you should keep updating several original articles every day, Baidu likes original articles, which also makes Baidu update your website has a reason, so that it will update your website, which is a very important next step to maintain website weight。

● Content should be updated frequently after revision

The updated content is to attract the frequency of search spiders crawling, so that the website is updated every day by the search engine, so that the well-known Baidu snapshot is updated every day。

And the day after the revision,The home page has been updated from the old home page to the new program home page,And a little to do some outside the chain and update a few original articles (specifically can see seo tutorial self-study network "how to optimize the website content" related introduction),It's been a week now,Baidu snapshot is still updated every day,It's all on alternate days。

This also validates the purpose of my experiment. Many people on the Internet say that a substantial revision of the website (of course, the substantial revision here is based on the basis of the source program, and the theme of the website has not changed) will lead to the degradation of the website or be k is not completely correct, and all revisions of the website will not necessarily be K!

Of course, it does not exclude the reasons of the search engine itself, such as the reduced sensitivity of the search engine to the entire revision of the website, or the entire revision of the website has not been downgraded or K station processing。Perhaps Baidu will treat as a new station, there will be an investigation period for all revised sites, these factors remain to be seen and practiced。

● How do search engines treat the new site after the revision?

According to the search engine to the new station of the new station effect,Generally, the new station will have a fairly good ranking in the short term after being included,And my revised website is basically in line with this,After the revision, update the Baidu snapshot of the new home page,Keyword rankings begin to appear,Although the ranking is outside the hundreds (the main keywords are currently ranked to about one hundred),Individual keyword rankings have entered the top ten pages),But at least it shows that the response speed of search engines is still very fast。

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